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The Farm Photographs of Anna Cox MontheI

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Iowa Farm Wife Coffee Table Book


as you become transported visually to a time waaay before you were born. And probably before your parents and their parents were born. If you’re a millennial, these are your great-grandparents, possibly great, great, great grandparents. A really long time ago.

Offered Now for the first time since they were uncovered, this photographic collection is a stunning display of authentic Americana. A chronicle of the heartland, in West-central Iowa from a century ago.

A charming collection of simple moments from the early 20th century on a real family farm in Iowa. There is nothing fake here. Anna Cox Monthei was an artist and student of photography back when photography was not simple and women were not encouraged to do much of anything outside of trying to survive and work on the farm out on the prairie.

back in time. We have no idea today how hard that life must have been on a farm during the depression. Over 150 photographs, of out of a collection of  1600 negatives,  are lovingly scanned, printed and reproduced in this edition by her grandson, Fred Monthei.

Anna Monthei lived on a farm in West-Central Iowa for over 60 years. Her marriage in 1917 to Albert Monthei began a lifetime of hard work on their pioneer homestead. She began taking “a few pictures of the kids” that soon blossomed into a love of photography. These are her photographic memories of the life she lived as an Iowa Farm Wife. These are the photos and stories of a time long past, when survival on a farm depended on hard work, strong family ties and a community of friends strongly committed to each other.

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Take a trip through time with this full-sized 11x13 hard-cover coffee table edition of Iowa Farm Wife, the amazing photographs of Anna Cox Monthei. A second generation English immigrant. A woman with an 8th grade education, born in 1890 and  married to a German immigrant farmer. A very difficult life trying to survive through the roaring twenties and depression 30's.

Here is her story in photographs. It's a unique perspective of life lived out on the prairie between the two world wars, when survival centered around the family, the neighbors and the support of a community committed to living their lives on their own terms along the Lincoln highway, out in the vast farmland of West-central Iowa.